Event Takeaway: Town Centres, High Streets & Public Transport

Event Takeaway

Mathilde Lebreton


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Here are the main takeaways from our Town Centres, High Streets & Public Transport event:

  • Our high streets are facing a technological revolution. Technology and social media is changing the way we shop and the dynamics of the retail sector, leading to fewer shops on our high streets. We need to ensure the right infrastructure is in place to adapt to the fast rate of this behaviour change in the future, through better national and local coordination and diversifying our high streets.


  • Consider new ways to assess and express the value of high streets, by identifying the current emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Develop emerging strategies in key case study locations and find interventions which are tailored to specific conditions.


  • Balance the streetscape. Design streets which prioritise the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport above private cars. Better conditions for these users will help boost activity on our high streets.

  • Part of enhancing our high streets lies in retaining their heritage. Identify current and future heritage assets to retain and enhance the unique character of the area.

  • Be clear and direct with plans and use simple language when engaging the community. This can help to ensure everyone has a say and is represented in the delivery of a project. Sliders can be a good way of showing the before and after image of an area.


Ojay McDonald, Chief Executive Association of Town and City Management

Mathilde Lebreton, Senior Project Officer, GLA

Darryl Che, Partner, Hawkins Brown Architects

Martin Eriksson, Principal Engineering Leader, TfL

Joel de Mowbray, Principal Transport Planner, RB Greenwich                             Attendees: 115



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