Event Takeaway: Environmental Design

Event Takeaway

Gwyn Richards


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Here are the main takeaways from our Environmental Design event:

  • A Building’s layout and location can reduce heat and noise levels.. Design to reduce the

potential impact from external noise sources.. For example, noise sensitive rooms such as

bedrooms can be located away from busy roads.

  • Think about light, heat and wind when choosing building materials. Materials that reflect

heat and light could affect the ease of passersby and can be easily avoided by using low

reflectance materials and flat panels.

  • Tranquilise extreme wind conditions. Considering how to mitigate down drafts during the

design process will avoid costly retrofitting later on. Also keep in mind the impact of wind on

different users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Consider the user when choosing where public spaces should go. Use a thermal

comfort map of the city to help you decide the best possible location for public spaces.

Remember, people are more likely to spend time in spaces that are at a comfortable



Dr. Julie Futcher, Architect, RIBA

Andrew Allsop, Wind Engineer, ARUP

Giulia Matteoni, Senior Engineer, ARUP

Daniel Baker, Senior Environmental Health Practitioner, MAS

Anna Coppel, Senior Engineer, ARUP

Mutlu Ucuncu, Senior Engineer, ARUP

Gwyn Richards, Assistant Director, City of London Corporation Attendees: 85



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