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Event Takeaway: Housing Design 18.06.19

Event Takeaway
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  • Table 3.2 of the draft new London Plan sets out a concise housing design checklist. It introduces 18 qualitative design aspects to be addressed in housing developments. These criteria can be used by everyone to ensure quality is embedded in new developments and are particularly useful for those auditing existing sites.
  • Increasing density calls for an increase in the quality of the ground floor, its use and the provision of communal space. The importance of communal spaces is growing. The ground floor can play a pivotal role in the success of a place and community providing opportunities for collective working, making, learning, eating and drinking, socialising and entertaining. There is the need of appealing open spaces, easy to access green areas, tidy and functional facility spaces.
  • Shared space offers opportunities: providing places to meet, relax and play, with a role of creating and nurturing community. Shared facilities can contribute positively to a circular economy with maintenance costs distributed between the public and private sector.
  • Carry your masterplan vision through the whole planning process. London Legacy Department Corporation is an example of a quality design management strategy that works on parameters and design codes from start to finish.
  • Housing design needs to address everyone’s needs and be adaptable over time. Older people, families and students can have different ways of living which require flexibility in the organisation of homes. These arrangements need to be adaptable over time for changes in the communities who live there.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                     Attendees: 33

Esther Kurland, Urban Design London

Peter Maxwell, London Legacy Department Corporation

Chris Fellner, Haworth Tompkins

Phil Hamilton, Peter Barber Architects


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