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Event Takeaway: Modelling for All Modes 14.02.19

Event Takeaway

Domas Zemaitis

  • Transport modelling helps predict the impact and maximise the benefits of future schemes. Without them, transport projects may not have sufficient capacity to cope with future demand
  • Set a clear brief for your traffic model to prevent ambiguity down the line and increase the likelihood of producing a model which is fit for purpose.
  • TfL’s City Planner Tool is available for all boroughs to use, to identify those areas where public realm and transport projects can deliver better connected walking and cycling routes. You can request access here.
  • Data has its limitations. It doesn’t always show the context of the place and what the street is actually like. Make sure you visit your site at peak and non-peak periods, during the week and over the weekend to ensure you have a good understanding of all forms of movement rather than relying solely on data and technology.
  • Identify potential new routes by looking at where people are and are not currently walking or cycling. Use this information to improve existing routes and create new ones where they are needed.


Luis Perez-Echevarria, Principal Transport Modeller, TfL

Alex Longdon, Principal City Planner, TfL

Phil Howes, Principal Analyst – Streets, TfL

Abigail Preen, Senior Transport Modeller, TfL

Lucy Beeston, Principal Transport Modeller, TfL

Shaleen Srivastav, Chief Commercial Officer, Immense Stimulations Ltd.

Domas, Technical Capability Team Leader, Transport Systems Catapult


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