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Event Takeaway: Tech & Planning 15.01.19

Event Takeaway

Tech and the City

  • Technology can unlock the city. It enables residents and visitors to better engage with the environment around them, through bringing the city to life. Key to the City uses an augmented reality app and smart-enabled street furniture to reveal the different layers of a city, giving users an enhanced experience of the space they are in.
  • New technology is particularly good at handling and aggregating data and enables positive change. Future Cities Catapult is working on a system that digitises the planning process and links data, policies and documents; providing readily available, up-to-date information.
  • We need to use technology to our advantage. Smarticipate is a digital platform that makes planning more transparent, accessible and inclusive to the public, giving them access to data in an easy-to-use way and allowing citizens to better understand the decision-making process.
  • Technology can lead the way to engage communities. The use of interactive, online platforms, such as Commonplace and Built-ID, offer new ways of engaging the community and younger generation in the planning process, and can help to increase the number of respondents.
  • Artificial Intelligence can help to detect patterns of engagement and group different forms of feedback. This will make it easier to understand the public’s view on a scheme, particularly on complex infrastructure projects.
  • London’s airspace is a valuable asset. With the increasing use of technologies such as drones, we need to consider an entirely new way of using airspace that hasn’t been utilised before and ensure it benefits all, including London’s residents.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                Attendees: 93

Marco Maria Pedrazzo, Carlo Ratti Architects

Gareth Sumner, TfL

Savannah de Savary, Built-ID

Jo Hammond, RB Kensington & Chelsea

Jason Hawthorne, Vu-City

Mike Saunders, Commonplace

Neil Manthorpe, Atkins Global

Daniel Mohammed, Urban Intelligence

Justin Kliger, Future Cities Catapult 

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