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Event Takeaway: Inclusive Design 24.09.19

Event Takeaway
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  • British Standard BS8300:2009 sets out the code of practice for the Design of Buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. Understanding needs and requirements is key – assumptions don’t always lead you to the top priorities (think M&S café as an example).

  • Think about the impact of design on people. Consider how people use spaces at pre-design, design, construction and completion stages – learn from lessons good and bad. Know your population – 1 in 4 Londoners don’t leave the house on any given day. Accessible and inclusive housing is not just about the internal space requirements – think also about access as well as the environment you are creating.

  • At the neighbourhood level streets are vital organs for movement. For neighbourhood interventions pick choices that are high impact and easy to implement   this could even be things as small as improving a particular junction, underpass or a dropped kerb which is the ‘weak link’ in a journey made by people.

  • Prioritise to balance the needs of all (eg. a staggered crossing might be better if it means crossing times are more accessible – eg. Bexley scheme). Different needs can result in conflicting requirements – compromise is sometimes the only way forward

  • Shadowing access audits are invaluable for learning how to improve environments. Practical thinking should apply – consider more tonal contrast to surfaces

  • Planning policy goes beyond Building Regulations. The NPPF and PPG sets out to create safe, inclusive and accessible places. Lifetime homes are a requirement of the London Plan but not of the NPPF.

Speakers:                                                                                                         Attendees: 60

Simone West, TfL

Andy Martin, TfL

Ross Atkins, Access Consultant

Julie Fleck, Strategic Inclusive Design Adviser

Irene Craik, Levitt Bernstein   


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