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Event takeaway: Green Space, Co-designing with Communities


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  • Co designing green spaces with local communities can provide participants with significant health and well being benefits and help create cherished green spaces that can be delivered and maintained cost effectively

  • There are pressures on green cover, such as population and climate change, but these pressures also mean that green cover is needed more than ever. London is set to be more than 50% green by 2050, the goal being an additional 3,000HA of trees.
  • More than 120 minutes of time per week spent in nature sees significant health and wellbeing benefits. Gardening is nurturing, community building, and an investment in the future. For those people struggling with mental health, being able to step out into a garden and use gardening skills and knowledge to give themselves respite is very valuable.
  • All green spaces require maintenance - even wild flower meadows. When designing with wild flowers make sure the local community is informed of the design objectives and understand that the planting will change throughout the year and will at times not look its best.
  • We have lots of impermeable surfaces in London, which can be easily redesigned to be more sustainably drained. Be aware of health and safety issues, and identify where depaving may be inappropriate, such as places where wheelie bins are regularly moved.


Green to Grey Guide

Speakers: Attendees: 50

Ben Connor, GLA

George Warren, GLA

Suzanne Simmons, Trees for Cities

Ben Addy & Jake Cosgrove, Sustrans

Nemone Mercer, Core Landscapes


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