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Event Takeaway: Design Review Masterclass, Chairing & Report Writing 17.09.19

Event Takeaway

DRM Chairing Header

Essentials of good chairing

  • Stick to the time and be aware if time is slipping away. Set out an agenda and share it with the panel and design team in advance to ensure everybody involved gets the most from the time available.
  • The strength of a good report is greatly dependant on how well the design review was managed. The quality, scope, depth and balance of discussion, and how well the discussion has been consolidated and summarised by the chair will depend the quality and usefulness of the report.
  • Remember that this is a peer review, so speak as professional to professional. As the chair, your role is to guide the review and ask panel members to clearly and concisely explain their observations on different aspects of a scheme. Avoid unnecessary jargon and make sure everybody is on the same page before moving on to the next discussion topic.
  • As a chair or panel member, you should have no axe to grind. Remember, as chair or panel member you are an independent observer, and in the privileged position to make observations that others might not be in a position to do. Use your capacity to improve the quality and outcome of schemes.

Essentials of good Design Review report writing

  • Good reports are clearly structured. They take time to create a complete picture, and are much more than just meeting notes. Before starting your report, decide the main points and structure your report according to the most essential first, followed by the ‘nice to have’.
  • Don’t forget about good old pen and paper. Taking notes and summarising the most important points is vital. It helps structure the final report and ensures everyone leaves the review with the same understanding of outcomes.
  • As the writer it’s up to you to get your point across it is not the readers’ job to work to interpret it.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                 Attendees: 29

Amanda Reynolds, AR Urbanism

Fred Manson, Consultant

Gillian Horn, Penoyre & Prasad

Chris Whitehorn, Journalist & Editor

Sarah Carmona, Frame Projects


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