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Event Takeaway: Delivering Good Design in Our Streets 10.04.19

Event Takeaway

Agnes Fletcher

  • Make it easy for people to get to the places they want to go to. Think about peoples needs and design streets with direct routes to the key destinations, whether it’s the local park, corner shop or bus stop. Remember it’s not all about commuter journeys; the majority of journeys made in London are at the neighbourhood level.
  • Think outside the guidelines and parameters. Our neighbourhoods constantly evolve and we need to be flexible when designing these areas. They are made up of more than physical elements such as schools, shops and parks and we need to consider the character and needs of each community when designing new streets or retro fitting existing ones.
  • Design social streets. A sense of community is developed through repeated interaction, so why not design streets that encourage socialising? Provide street furniture and create places to stop, sit and relax in.
  • Public realm often gets taken over by commercial activity which can create a barrier for people. Mitigate this by providing more free seating areas to be inclusive for all. 
  • Public health is an important part of designing streets. We need to plan streets that encourage walking, cycling and public transport, to ensure people can move around efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our overall health.
  • Allow streets to continue working as they should during construction. This requires good road and construction management.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                  Attendees: 59

Oli Davey, Co-Founder, Urban Movement

Andy Martin, Urban Designer, TfL

Faith Martin, Principal Technical Specialist, TfL

Mark Artis, Senior Engineer (Highways & Traffic),TfL

Agnes Fletcher, Consultant                                                                                               


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