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Event Takeaway: Cycling Review - How Are We Doing? 24.01.19

Event Takeaway

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  • TfL's Cycling Action Plan seeks to address the main reasons why people currently choose not to cycle by setting targets to increase the number of cycle trips and expand the cycle network.

  • Build up local support when developing a cycling strategy. Involving the community throughout the process and can help encourage the behaviour change.

  • Design for non-traditional cycles disabled cyclists. If appropriate infrastructure is designed in from the start, it will encourage people to travel by bike.
  • More cycle routes does not necessarily mean fewer customers for local businesses. We tend to overestimate the number of people travelling by car and underestimate those travelling actively by walking, cycling and public transport. Take a look at the latest research from TfL here.
  • Use Traffic Management Plans during construction so pedestrians and cyclists have a safe route around building sites. We need to ensure all road users are accommodated for, and feel safe, around construction works.
  • Think beyond cycle lanes. Consider how wider objectives, such as health and wellbeing and air quality targets, can align with your cycling strategy. Consider a holistic design approach for streets including great footways, green infrastructure and street furniture alongside cycling infrastructure.


Will Norman, Walking and Cycling Commissioner, TfL

Andrew Summers, Cycling Strategy and Planning Manager, TfL

Sophie Edmondson, Principal Sponsor, TfL

Caspar Jack, Principal Sponsor, TfL

Richard Eason, Programme Director, LB Enfield

Mark Bland, Mini-Holland Programme Manager, LB Waltham Forest

Jane Sherry, Sustainable Transport Officer, LB Waltham Forest

Alex Longdon, Principal City Planner, TfL

Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport, University of Westminster

Michael Barratt, Principal Network Impact Assessment Engineer, TfL

Brian Deegan, Design Engineer, Urban Movement


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