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Event Takeaway: The Changing Role of the London Street 09.07.19

Event Takeaway

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  • UCL is currently engaging in a pan-European study of the changing role of our city’s strategic streets. The study will reconsider the current silo -based approach to the planning and design of our strategic roads, which is dominated by multiple actors each with their own objectives and priorities, and develop design tools and processes to help plan, design, manage and operate these routes in a responsive, flexible manner by exploiting potential for dynamic space management.
  • TfL’s ‘mystery shopper’ initiative aims to monitor the success of the Healthy Streets approach by evaluating the success of the policy through the use of detailed questionnaires.  The initiative seeks to monitor the health of the street over time and the impact of policy by asking participants to reflect as objectively as possible on their experience of the street.
  • Connected Place Catapult have drafted a report outlined ‘Principles of Good Deployment’ of digital street furniture.  Principles on data collection, use and ownership are outlined together with the requirement that digital street furniture should only be placed in the public realm where it explicitly demonstrates public benefit. This discussion raises interesting questions about the introduction of more furniture into the congested public realm, and the impact this might have on the quality, comfort and legibility of our streets. 
  • New streets and spaces may be accessible and appear to be public when they are actually private. This can lead to confusion over public rights and rules governing behaviour and the management of such spaces. In response the GLA are preparing a Charter which will set out the rights and responsibilities for public spaces, irrespective of ownership.
  • Brent is the 2010 London Borough of Culture. The Borough has a strong focus on engaging young people and is co-creating a Charter which will enable them to congregate freely without being moved on.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                      Attendees: 63

Peter Jones, University College London

Glenn Higgs, WSP 

Alice Saunders, TfL 

Lottie Macnair, Connected Places Catapult

Tim Rettler, GLA 

Lois Stonock, Brent Borough of Culture 


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