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Event Takeaway: Connecting Places 23.01.19

Event Takeaway
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  • When masterplanning it is important to cluster amenities together, such as placing schools and health centres near each other. This can help create a sense of community and also encourage walking between different uses.
  • It is crucial to consider how people access employment areas. Offer safe and pleasant routes, using a network of green and open spaces which can also help to bring the community to a space.
  • Listen carefully and include the community. Make sure the direct benefits of a large scale development are shared with the existing local community.
  • Communication is key. During the construction phase work with developers to mitigate and manage congestion and environmental impacts.
  • Make walking the most attractive and enjoyable means of travel for short journeys, particularly at the neighbourhood scale.
  • Consider where people want to go. It’s not always about how walkable an area is from the station. Consider using TfL’s PedShed analysis tool, which puts walking at the heart of neighbourhoods and provides a way to measure walkability based on people’s daily routes.

Speakers:                                                                                                                                                      Attendees: 63   

Colin Wilson, Old Kent Road Regeneration, LB Southwark

Emily Read, Regeneration Manager, LB Haringey

Patricia Charleton, Growth Area Planning, TfL

Frances Alder, Growth Area Planning, TfL 

Christopher Lovewell, Principal Planner, TfL

Sam Richards, Head of Urban Integration, Crossrail

Andy Martin, Urban Designer, TfL        

Sheeba Shetty, Urban Designer, TfL  


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