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A series of introductory level sessions explaining what built environment related design is, why it matters and how we can all get involved and help deliver better design and great places.
Tue 18/06/19

Housing Design

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A session dedicated to looking at the fundamentals of good housing design; considering the needs of residents and communities as well as the delivery of schemes. We will also carry out a Building for Life 12 assessment and visit the scheme in person.

Speakers include:

  • How to secure design quality through planning and delivery – Peter Maxwell, LLDC
  •  Housing typologies,: focus on mid rise – Chris Fellner,  Haworth Tompkins
  • Housing typologies :designing homes for tight sites – Phil Hamilton, Peter Barber Architects

(Full Day)

Location: Endeavour Square
Thu 18/07/19

Design & the Historic Environment

At this session David McDonald, Institute of Historic Building Conservation, will cover the basics of understanding the terms ‘context’ and ‘significance’ when managing heritage assets to create even better places. After lunch we will visit Walworth Heritage Action Zone (HAZ), to see how the HAZ have championed Walworth’s sense of place and historic character.

(Full Day)

Location: Palestra
Tue 24/09/19

Inclusive Design

Reviewing the concept of inclusiveness and discussing the role our built environment plays in accommodating for the diverse needs of the community.
Location: 55 Broadway
Tue 05/11/19

Good Growth By Design

Understanding the concepts, tools and policies behind the role of design; and how design can support and deliver positive change in London.
Location: Palestra
Tue 03/12/19

Public Space, Landscape & Street Design

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Discussing the important concepts and approaches relating to public realm design; using case studies that showcase best practice.
Location: Palestra
Wed 15/01/20

Understanding Plans & Drawings 2

Considering the various ways you can visually represent a scheme and how to assess projects that use different drawing styles.
Location: Palestra
Thu 13/02/20

Housing Design 2

Looking at the fundamentals of good housing design; considering the needs of residents and communities as well as the delivery of schemes.
Location: Palestra
Thu 26/03/20

Health & Design

Presenting current research, actions, policies and tools that support health and wellbeing through design.
Location: Palestra
Thu 23/05/19, 9.30am–1pm
Past Event

Understanding Plans & Drawings

A session for those who need to understand both the bigger picture and the detail of presented schemes. Looking at the different ways you can visualise projects, from floor planning to construction detailing for facades and landscape plans.

Thu 02/05/19, 9.15am–4pm
Past Event

What is Urban Design & Why Does it Matter?

Industry experts will guide us through the key design principles and approaches of successful places and give practical advice about good design, using small site examples that showcase best practice. We will end the day discussing the role of design reviews and how we can best work together to create successful places.

Speakers include:

  • Rob Cowan – Urban Design Skills
  • David Birkbeck – Design for Homes
  • Paul Dodd – Urban Design London
  • Rachel Jones – Urban Design London
  • Kruti Patel – Metropolitan Workshop

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