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A series discussing the challenges faced by those involved in creating accessible, walkable neighbourhoods and the various approaches needed to deliver the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.
Tue 25/06/19

Cost Conscious Street Design

Join us as industry experts identify and unpack the relative costs of different design approaches, street furniture and highway construction.


Location: Endeavour Square
Tue 09/07/19

The Changing Role of the London Street

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A conversation with Simon Jenkins, renowned author and journalist, on the role of our streets and how they should be managed and changed. We will also hear from UCL Professor, Peter Jones, about the financial flow and how to monitor and measure the success of our streets, including an update on GLA’s Public London Charter research project.


Location: Palestra
Wed 04/09/19

Learning from the Recent Past 2

Guided site visits to first-hand see some recently completed schemes and look at how they work in practice, and what we can learn from them.
Thu 12/09/19

Design Details for Cycling

This two-part course will provide in-depth training on route planning, crossings and junction options plus other essential aspects.
Location: Endeavour Square
Tue 01/10/19

Bringing Active Travel to Life

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Considering what designing to promote walking, cycling and public transport means in practice and how policies to promote this are changing.
Location: Palestra
Tue 15/10/19

Safe Streets & Good Placemaking

An overview on how good design can help achieve Vision Zero and how to provide contextually appropriate hostile vehicle measures in sensitive public spaces.
Location: Palestra
Wed 20/11/19

Design & Transport Infrastructure

Looking at specific design issues around stations, bridges and interchanges and how these can be successfully integrated.
Location: 55 Broadway
Thu 05/12/19

Street Design Conundrums

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Investigating current design issues on the street, including advertising and phone kiosks, electric vehicle charging points and level surfaces.
Location: Palestra
Tue 21/01/20

Bus Streets

Looking at the benefits and challenges buses bring to neighbourhoods; and how to make the most of their access and vibrancy.
Location: Palestra
Tue 04/02/20

Designing Liveable Neighbourhoods 2

Learning about the projects developed so far as part of the emerging Liveable Neighbourhood programme.
Location: Palestra
Tue 03/03/20

Modelling for All Modes

A fresh look at modelling and the role non-vehicular traffic modelling can play in creating more accessible and walkable neighbourhoods.
Location: Palestra
Thu 19/03/20

Design Details for Cycling 2

This two-part course will provide in-depth training on route planning, crossings and junction options plus other essential aspects.
Location: Palestra
Wed 05/06/19
Past Event

Designing Liveable Neighbourhoods

For those interested in learning about the projects developed so far as part of the emerging Liveable Neighbourhood programme, including an in-depth look at best practice tools such as City Planner Tool and Healthy Streets Check. We will also hear from the design teams on delivering key aspects including:

  • Delivering cycling infrastructure in the High Street
  • Engaging hard to reach groups
  • Improving economic vitality in the High Street
  • Encouraging behaviour change and dealing with freight

(Full Day)

Wed 15/05/19, 10am–12pm
Past Event

Learning from the Recent Past – Stratford Gyratory

A guided site visit by LB Newham to see first-hand how this large and impressive one way removal project is help transforming Stratford’s town centre by prioritising vulnerable road users and making the area more pleasant for everyone.

Tour led by:

  • Smitha Sujith – LB Newham
  • Murray Woodburn – LB Newham
  • Paul Gannon – LB Newham
Wed 10/04/19, 9.15am–3.30pm
Past Event

Delivering Good Design in our Street

With increasing pressure on our streets and roads, how are we transforming the way we manage and understand them to be more inclusive and efficient? This session will investigate the key processes, skills and assessments needed to better balance the diverse needs of everyone who uses our streets.


  • Why are our streets so important? – Oli Davey, Urban Movement
  • Understanding your Neighbourhood – Andy Martin, Transport for London
  • Equality Impact Assessment – Agnes Fletcher, Consultant
  • Pedestrian Comfort Guidance – Gordon Webster, Transport for London
  • Healthy Streets Check for Designers – Mark Artis, Transport for London
  • Design Review – Sue Vincent, Urban Design London

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