Getting Homes Built

A set of workshops to help understand how to technically assess, partner and communicate in order to deliver housing schemes. The workshops will form part of a practical and up-to-date resource book on how to get homes built. The series will be run as a multi-session course and those who attend all sessions will be recognised by the GLA Housing & Land Directorate as having completed more in-depth training.

Tue 29/01/19, 9am–3pm
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Different Homes, Different Places

This event has already taken place but you can find the main lessons from the session in the ‘Event Takeaways’ document.

Delegates will consider how to deliver good growth in their borough over the next 10 years by setting out the range of homes needed in the area and identifying what works best where.


  • Small Sites Targets – Jon Herbert & Jon Goodall, Troy Planning
  • Housing Typologies – Jo McCafferty, Levitt Bernstein
  • From a Borough Perspective – Mark Baigent, LB Tower Hamlets
    + Camden Courtyards Site Visit

Sponsored by Barratt London

Event Takeaways:
  • Different Homes, Different Places Takeaway
  • Tue 06/11/18, 9.30am–3pm
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    Construction New Homes For London

    This event has already taken place but you can find the main lessons from the session in the ‘Event Takeaways’ document.

    Stark statistics highlight that waste from construction, demolition and excavation represents 59% of the total UK waste, around 33% of UK carbon emissions come from the built environment, with 10% of UK carbon emissions coming from heating buildings alone.  Can we address this by getting to grips with construction options?  We discuss the role we can play in a roundtable discussion chaired by industry expert Tom Woolley.
    Event Takeaways:
  • Constructing New Homes Takeaway
  • Thu 04/10/18, 10am–1pm
    Past Event

    Viability Masterclass

    Andrew Jones and Ellie Clayton-Smith from BPS Surveyors will give us a crash course on the complex art of planning viability; unpacking the legislation and outlining how to ask the right questions when assessing viability appraisals.

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