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Tue 02/10/18, 9am–1pm

Air Quality: Day 2

We will be rolling up our sleeves for a practical workshop session; offering helpful guidance for schemes entered for the Mayor’s Clean Air Fund 2018.

Thu 04/10/18, 10am–1pm

Viability Masterclass

Andrew Jones and Ellie Clayton-Smith from BPS Surveyors will give us a crash course on the complex art of planning viability; unpacking the legislation and outlining how to ask the right questions when assessing viability appraisals.
Tue 09/10/18, 10am–3pm

Design and the Historic Environment

Fully Booked

We are off to Brixton for a practical heritage workshop with expert David McDonald, and visiting the recently renovated Lambeth Town Hall and nearby The Department Store. Spaces are limited due to site visit restrictions so book early to avoid disappointment.

Wed 10/10/18, 9am–1pm

Designing Rain Gardens: A Practical Guide

This workshop-based session will explore the six simple steps to designing a rain garden. An unmissable day for planning and transport practitioners interested in learning how we can introduce sustainable urban drainage in the capital and the benefits they offer.
Tue 16/10/18, 9am–4pm

Meaningful Meanwhile

What relevance do temporary uses have for society? Meanwhile – is there more than meets the eye? We will hear from various frontrunners in this burgeoning business, and visit a number of intriguing meanwhile spaces popping up in the Southwark, Waterloo area.
Thu 18/10/18, 9am–1pm

London's Tall Storeys

We will be interrogating the environmental and safety aspects of tall buildings in a series of expert presentations and on the ground at a tall building under construction.   

Wed 31/10/18, 9am–1pm

Landscape Design

Explaining how to assess landscape proposals, alongside drawing up plans and policies that set out what landscaping should achieve, why and how.
Thu 01/11/18, 11am–2pm

Councillors Planning Network

Rob Cowan will provide an unmissable overview on the principles of urban design, followed by a mock design review in action. The lunchtime session will wrap up with a planning knowledge exchange featuring views from boroughs across London.

Tue 06/11/18

Construction Options

Delegates will consider what construction option best fits their site, how the financing and investment industry can help support delivery, as well as drafting templates for good Construction Management Plans.
Thu 08/11/18

People & Communities

Looking at the challenges and best practice approaches to include communities in the planning process and make places that meet the needs of everyone.
Tue 13/11/18

Housing Design

A look at the characteristics of successful places and how these relate specifically to housing, including how to help create good neighbourhoods, homes and communities.
Wed 14/11/18

A Civic Square

Delegates will develop ideas to transform a high profile central London space, give it a new character and role in the city, and embrace the Mayor’s Healthy Streets approach.
Wed 21/11/18

Buildings Frontage: Creating Good Neighbours

This session will explore the benefits of creating active street frontages and the design of the building interface with the public realm.
Wed 28/11/18

Tech & Transport

Looking at how technology is changing the way we access and use transport services, and the impact this can have on the physical nature of places.
Wed 05/12/18

Street Design

A look at how streets can achieve their full potential to serve buildings and their occupants, to enable movement by foot or by bicycle, and to be places to linger and enjoy.
Thu 06/12/18

Young Practitioners Network

A network specifically aimed at bringing together ambitious young people making waves in their respective areas of work; for professionals with less than 10 years of experience.
Wed 09/01/19

Design Review Network

An opportunity for those involved in running, using or providing advice on design review panels and other design tools to discuss best practice and emerging issues.
Tue 15/01/19

Tech and Planning

Considering how technology is supporting planning work; including community engagement, decision making and project delivery.
Wed 16/01/19

Cycling Review: How are we doing?

An overview of London’s recent cycling revolution, what is happening now, and how has our understanding of designing for cycling developed through experience.
Wed 23/01/19

Connecting Places

Delegates will propose ways to ensure strategic opportunities for movement will be delivered alongside new growth and support local connections to new public spaces, schools and community facilities.
Tue 29/01/19

Different Homes, Different Places

Delegates will consider how to deliver good growth in their borough over the next 10 years by setting out the range of homes needed in the area and identifying what works best where.
Thu 31/01/19

Public Space Design

Examining how planners can consider and influence the design of public spaces to deliver high quality places; offering local economic, environmental and social benefits.
Wed 06/02/19

Placemaking Network

A network specifically for anyone interested in building and managing homes and places including estate regeneration, town centre transformation or delivering ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods.
Wed 13/02/19

Modelling for all Modes

A fresh look at how we use models to inform schemes and how modelling for pedestrians and cyclists can be part of this process.
Wed 27/02/19

Environmental Design

Exploring the environmental issues that planners need to consider including wind, temperature, daylight and water management.
Thu 28/02/19

Councillors Network

An opportunity for Councillors to be briefed on new legislation, research, policy and funding situations as well as hear about exemplar projects to illustrate who is doing what where.
Wed 06/03/19

Tech and the Streets

How innovation can improve public space management and a look at the products and applications available to help us solve our streets’ most pressing challenges.
Wed 20/03/19

Suburban Renaissance

Delegates will develop a community-led plan for managing incremental development in a suburban area to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents and reduce car dependency.
Tue 26/03/19

Working City

Looking at the types of places needed to keep creative businesses and cultural industries in London and where they should be located.
Wed 27/03/19

Designing Town Centres and Interchanges

Looking at how we design and manage our town centres and transport interchanges and ensuring the places we share ideas, buy goods and meet in are a loved and valued resource.
Wed 10/04/19

The London Van: Freight and Servicing

This session will consider the challenges in creating a more efficient freight and delivery service and the implications for street design.
Thu 13/09/18, 9am–4pm
Past Event

Building Tall Neighbourhoods

Join us for an investigation into the environmental and social impact of tower clusters in the planning pipeline; will they provide the housing we need and create prosperous neighbourhoods for everyone in the community?

Wed 12/09/18, 9am–1pm
Past Event

Going for Growth

We will be working together to create a redevelopment plan for a former industrial site; looking at how a site can provide new public space and housing for its local community.


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