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Wed 30/11/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

Understanding the important role that streets play in supporting healthy, sustainable, and successful communities. We will look at how to prioritise active travel and balance the needs of street life, travel by different modes in different types of areas, and environmental improvements. Including:

  • The importance of good street design
  • What makes a liveable neighbourhood?
  • Kerbside demand and its challenges

Wed 07/12/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

Discussing how best to plan your work, the difference between site, neighbourhood and area wide codes and the need to balance flexibility with certainty for communities and developers alike, including the balance between loose and tight codes, those that give certainty and clarity for strategic design and use aspects up front. Including:

  • Explanation of how codes work at different spatial scales
  • Discussion of how rigid, or flexible your codes should be
  • Options for working with developers or others to create/adopt codes

Wed 14/12/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

Considering the place design elements that can best be directed through codes including building and street dimensions, forms and details, trees, planting, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and parking approaches. We will look at how best to balance early certainty of outcome with allowing for creative design solutions to emerge during the process. Including:

  • Overview of common contents found in different types of codes
  • Advice on what elements to prioritise within your own codes
  • Discussion on how best to ‘code’ these elements to achieve good results

Thu 05/01/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

Looking at the best ways to work with communities and stakeholders to deliver shared objectives. This session will include best ways to engage and co-create codes, how best to encourage pro-active communities and working with developers and land-owners. Including:

  • Understanding who to engage with, when and why
  • Building and sustaining relationships
  • Combining on-line and face to face engagement

Thu 12/01/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

This session will consider best use of design quality management processes, how to make sure design requirements are not watered down over time and how to use viability and negotiation approaches to best advantage. Including:

  • Setting clear quality requirements up front
  • Using design review systems
  • Compliance trackers

Tue 07/02/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

This session looks at how to ensure our homes and residential neighbourhoods are well-designed and sustainable. It will set out design principles that support sustainability, health, and well-being, and look at how good design can help homes and neighbourhoods successfully integrate, enabling communities to flourish. Including:

  • Why we need well-designed homes
  • Housing design principles – including Building for a Healthy Life
  • Understanding different housing typologies

Tue 21/02/23, 12–1.30pm

These high-level briefings will discuss current policy research and best practice from across the country. The sessions will support cabinet members, planning committee and ward members interested in the delivery of local design codes and well-designed neighbourhoods and explore the role in championing design codes and good design.

Please note this session is only open to Councillors.

Wed 22/02/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

An overview of changes to Building Regulations, Biodiversity Net Gain and water management requirements. We will consider how these come together and influence scheme design and placemaking tools such as design codes. Including:

  • How best to link environmental requirements to your policies
  • How to explain what is required, and why, to all involved
  • How to check whether schemes meet requirements

Wed 08/03/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

Looking at the relationship between large-scale spatial planning, movement networks, individual site layouts and the detailed design of buildings and spaces and the relationship between masterplans and design codes. Including:

  • The relationship between movement networks, building density and land use
  • Catchment areas for services and optimising active travel options
  • A golden design thread from large-scale master planning to individual plot designs

Tue 28/03/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

This session will examine this important new government guidance, due to be published by the Department of Transport in late 2022 and discuss how it relates to design codes and your highways, planning and housing delivery work in general. Including:

  • Overview of MFS content
  • Discussion on how it applies to our planning work
  • Focus on guidance provided on new build streets that require planning permission
Past Event

Wed 23/11/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

We will look at the importance of using clear, appropriate, and targeted ways of explaining what people should, or should not, be designing in your area, making sure codes get used and how to communicate them using different types of graphics and text, with a practical look at commissioning design work. Including:

  • Best use of graphic material
  • Emerging use of virtual and emergent reality
  • Why physical models are useful


09.50 Welcome & Introductions, Sue Vincent (UDL)

10.00 Communicating graphics in the built environment, Bally Meeda (Urban Graphics)


Comfort Break

10.30 Briefing designers, Bally Meeda (Urban Graphics)



11.00 Case Studies

  • Westbury, Tom Mitchell (Met Workshop)
  • Oakfield, Swindon, Tom Mitchell (Met Workshop)

Discussion: What are the challenges on communicating and commissioning design?

12.00 Close

Past Event

Tue 15/11/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

This session will look at how to understand your area, develop character appraisals and assessments to inform local codes and guides, including the different types of evidence available to help you consider how best to manage change in your area and looking at how codes relate to plan-making. Including:

  • Characterisation techniques
  • Using data sources
  • Setting and managing character areas
Past Event

Thu 10/11/22, 12–1.30pm

Do we have the right support in place to help resource Local Planning Authorities to deliver growth as set out by government? What is the latest on the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, Investment Zones and the direction of travel for planning and the built environment? Join us to discuss these important topics with the Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities and the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Please note this event is only open to Councillors.


12.00 Welcome & Introductions, Cllr. Sue Vincent (UDL) & Anna Rose (PAS)

12.15 Levelling Up Update, Joanna Averley (DLUHC)

12.30 Planning to Level Up, Richard Blyth (RTPI)

12.45 Questions & Discussions

13.15 Championing Good Design, Cllr Dr Tumi

Hawkins (South Cambridgeshire District Council)

13.25 Next Steps & 21st February Meeting Agenda

13.30 Close

Past Event

Wed 12/10/22, 10am–12pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

We will look at what you need as an organisation to be in the best place to deliver place design including the skills and capacity of your teams, digital tools, design codes and resources at your disposal and how your organisation can champion good design. Including:

  • How to gauge your own capacity and capabilities
  • Options for growing your own expertise
  • How best to procure and use external input

10.00 Introduction, Sue Vincent (UDL)

10.05 Getting Fit to Deliver

  • Capacity & Capability Research update, David Waterhouse (DLUHC)
  • Skills & staff capacity needed, Laura Alvarez (Nottingham City Council)



11.10 Local Authority experience:

  • Resourcing & skills in development management, Brett Leahy (LB Enfield}
  • Audits & raising qualities across departments, Chris King (East Suffolk Council)

11.45 Challenges & Case Studies, Alex Govier (Public Practice)

Discussion Q&A

12.00 Round up & close

Past Event

Tue 04/10/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

Helping delegates gain an understanding of what makes a great neighbourhood. We will look at the characteristics of well-designed places, how these can help achieve planning and wider policy objectives and the tools and processes we need to get a good outcome. Including:

  • Why we need good placemaking and place design
  • Setting out the principles of good design
  • Introducing design tools, codes, and processes
Past Event

Tue 27/09/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Place Design in Detail

This session will discuss the different design related tools at your disposal and when each can best be used. 

We will look at the roles of policy, masterplans and design codes to set early design requirements and then pre apps design and access statements design review and conditions to see how best to manage design through the planning application process. 

Lastly we will learn about design trackers as a way of ensuring quality flows from concept to build out.


10.00 Welcome & Introduction, Sue Vincent (Urban Design London) and PAS

10.10 Why design code? Sarah Allan (DLUHC)

10.20 Design tools: benefits and how they can work together, Anna Rose (PAS)


10.40 Mentimeter questions

10.50 Break

11.00 Tools in detail and when to use them

  • The design tracker, Alistair Crockett (LB Camden)
  • Policy, plan making and design guidance, James Arnold (NW Leicestershire)
  • Briefs, masterplans and codes, Peter Garitsis (Swindon BC) and Nicole Gillett (Swindon BC)


  • Pre-application and negotiations, Jack Bennett (Uttlesford DC)
  • Design Review, Pippa Goldfinger (Design West)
  • Design & Access Statements, Graeme Moore (Oldham Council)


12.30 Code clubs: Accessible platforms for knowledge


12:40 Mentimeter questions

13.00 Close

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