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Past Event

Tue 21/03/23, 9.30am–12.30pm
Related Events: Urban Futures

Why it is hard to change established approaches and suggestions on how best to move thinking along.

Past Event

Wed 08/02/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Urban Futures

Continuing our conversations looking at innovation to create approaches to city planning design and management that help us meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Have a look at output form past challenge events here.


10.00 Welcome and Overview, Esther Kurland (UDL)

  • An update to the Urban Challenge and introduction to the Multi-Timed City, Esther Kurland (UDL)

10:20 How cities are changing, Yolande Barnes (UCL)

10:40 The role of meanwhile within cities, Petra Marko (Milk & Marko&Placemakers)


11:00 Healthy, sociable, vibrant and inclusive places, Natasha Reid (Matter Space Soul)

11:20 Fearless streets and places, Nivedita Vijayan (Jacobs)

11:40 How to make the most of city centres, Lucy Minyo (Momentum Transport)

12:00 Discussion

12:30 Wrap up & close

Past Event

Tue 01/11/22, 9.30am–12.30pm
Related Events: Urban Futures

Fresh ways at looking at shared, active, and sustainable movement of people, goods, and information.

9.30 Welcome and Urban Challenge update

9:45 Next generation road users charging

  • Addressing the Triple Challenge of air quality, climate emergency and traffic congestion through road user charging, Maryam Shakiba
  • Complementary measures to support potential future road user charging, Rachel Buck
  • Discussion

10.30 Tea break

10.45 Innovations that council work with RUC

  • Services and the City – how RUC could impact service models, Ben Reason
  • Neighbourhood service hubs and other logistics innovations, Ian Brooker
  • Responsive Bus Schemes and future Mobility Hibs, Mark Anderson
  • Cargo bike deliveries, Charlie Couve
  • Discussion

12.30 Close

Past Event

Wed 29/06/22, 9.30am–12.30pm
Related Events: Urban Futures

Emerging building typologies and ways to design and deliver them including approaches to re-use and retrofit.


10.00 Welcome

10.05 Introducing the issues

  • Why thinking afresh is helpful, Sarah Allen
  • The importance of flexible building use, Frances Hollis
  • The impact of new building regulations on building types and designs, Adam Selvey
  • The Living Report – research into future housing and city living, Kyle Buchanan

11.20 Comfort break

11.30 Considering how we use space; a student’s perspective, Tom Ushakov

11.45 Examples and new best practice

  • Manchester co-living, Mark Sidebotham
  • A new type of neighbourhood, Helen Arvanitakis
  • Design for informal home based work, Richard Brown

12.30 Close

Past Event

Thu 19/05/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Urban Futures

This session continues the fascinating Urban Challenge project we ran in 2021 looking at new ways of considering, planning, designing and managing places. This session will focus on neighbourhoods, the building blocks of towns and cities.


10.00 Welcome & Introduction

10.10 Local Living – Creating a New Framework for Policy,

Charlie Peel

10:30 Building a New Neighbourhood – The Phoenix Project,

Jonathan Smales

10:50 Start Where you Live… ‘Unleashing Your Real IP’, Gary



Comfort Break

11:30 Doughnut Economics, Laura Boyle

11:50 Sustrans Research on Walkable Neighbourhoods,

Megan Streb


12:30 Wrap Up & Close

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