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Past Event

Tue 07/02/23, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

This session looks at how to ensure our homes and residential neighbourhoods are well-designed and sustainable. It will set out design principles that support sustainability, health, and well-being, and look at how good design can help homes and neighbourhoods successfully integrate, enabling communities to flourish. Including:

  • Why we need well-designed homes
  • Housing design principles – including Building for a Healthy Life
  • Understanding different housing typologies
Past Event

Wed 30/11/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

Understanding the important role that streets play in supporting healthy, sustainable, and successful communities. We will look at how to prioritise active travel and balance the needs of street life, travel by different modes in different types of areas, and environmental improvements. Including:

  • The importance of good street design
  • What makes a liveable neighbourhood?
  • Kerbside demand and its challenges


09.50 Welcome & Introductions, Sue Vincent (UDL)

10.00 Street design principles, Oli Davey (Urban Movement)


10.30 What makes a liveable neighbourhood, Amy Priestly (Urban Movement)


11.00 Break

11.05 Case Studies

  • Cheshire Town Centre scheme, David McKenna (Street Spirit Design)
  • Surrey Street Design Guide, David Milner (Create Streets)

12.00 Close

Past Event

Tue 04/10/22, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Introduction to Placemaking

Helping delegates gain an understanding of what makes a great neighbourhood. We will look at the characteristics of well-designed places, how these can help achieve planning and wider policy objectives and the tools and processes we need to get a good outcome. Including:

  • Why we need good placemaking and place design
  • Setting out the principles of good design
  • Introducing design tools, codes, and processes

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