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Tue 20/04/21
Related Events: Planning

This session will highlight the plethora of data available as we explore how best to use it, what data is needed to meet targets and how it can help deliver the places we want.

Due to the pre-election period, we will unfortunately not be able to accept bookings from Councillors at this event.

Thu 27/05/21
Related Events: Planning

Technology allows us to share data on interactive mapping tools at the touch of a button. This session will take us through the basics of what is available, how to layer essential planning and environmental information and how it can be used and shared with others.

Tue 07/09/21
Related Events: Planning

Design codes are both process and a document for setting out a set of illustrated design requirements for a specific site or a wider area. This session will introduce the process, explaining what to include when and the objectives required for each design code.

Thu 14/10/21
Related Events: Planning

Looking in depth at how design codes can be evaluated and reviewed throughout the planning process, how they will be implemented and how best to interpret codes to ensure they deliver good placemaking.

Wed 24/11/21
Related Events: Planning

Making a comprehensive plan of your area guides future growth, provides a conceptual layout and involves a wide range of people. This session will consider best practice, investigating what you need to do to get the best from your plan.

Thu 03/02/22
Related Events: Planning

Addressing our climate change targets, this session will look at how we can make the best use of resources and minimise the impact on our environment. We will discuss using the right materials and the use, and re-use, of building products.

Thu 17/03/22
Related Events: Planning

This workshop will help you set a framework for addressing housing needs alongside other social, environmental and economic priorities. We will look at exemplars of inclusion and engagement in producing succinct and up-to-date local plans.

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