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Past Event

Wed 16/03/22, am, 10am–12.45pm
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Gentle densification is a key way of achieving good growth. This session will look at the latest on borough approaches and examples of how it can be achieved on the most challenging sites.


9.45 Registration

10.00 Introduction & Overview: The when, where and how of gentle densification

  • How can gentle densification achieve growth resulting in successful places? When and where it is used, and how do borough plans and policies support it? Looking at trends in adoption across London and the key barriers and opportunities, Russell Curtis (RCKA Architects)

10.20 Tools and approaches to help

  • How can we meet this challenge and what tools and approaches can be used?
  • Gaining an update on policy and practical tools available from the GLA to develop best practices, Alan Smithies (GLA)
  • Using strategic planning documents and design statements, Mark Warren (LB Merton)
  • Supporting viability, Ed Buckingham (Stantec)


Comfort break

11.10 Break

11.30 Gentle densification in different contexts

  • Looking at different borough contexts – higher density mixed use contexts, medium density locations and low density. How has each approached gentle densification, including case studies. Hugh McEwen (Office S&M), Kieron Stephens (Autor Architecture)


Comfort break

12.15 Learning from challenges and opportunities

  • Speaker discussion on key themes and how to overcome the barriers, including the effect of PD on the local planning context, Kruti Patel (Metropolitan Workshop)

12.45 Wrap up discussion & close

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Past Event

Thu 14/10/21, am, 10am–12.45pm
Related Events: Housing

Design codes are in the spotlight – this session will explore the what, when, where and how of codes for housing, looking at creation at different scales, delivery and their potential for great placemaking.


9.45 Registration

10.00 Welcome & Introduction

10.05 Design Codes – The Essentials

  • Understanding what a design code is and how thinking & practice on the use of codes has developed, Paul Dodd, UDL
  • Learning about how codes contribute to placemaking and how they fit into the housing development process, Laura Alvarez, Nottingham City Council
  • Q&A
  • Comfort break

10.45 How to develop a code for housing

  • What are the different stages in creating a design code for housing schemes? Looking at practical examples, Trovine Monteiro, Built Environment for Cambridge City & Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service
  • Code building blocks - explaining different building types, their elements, special qualities and the pros & cons of their use, Graeme Phillips, JTP Architects, Dhruv Sookhoo, Metropolitan Workshop & Alex Ely, Mae Architects
  • Q&A
  • Comfort break

11.45 Exercise - What is important in coding for different contexts?

12.30 Housing Coding in Practice, Ben Castell, AECOM & Carla Smyth, LLDC

13.00 Wrap up discussion & close

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Past Event

Wed 15/09/21, 10am–12.30pm
Related Events: Housing

This session explores the London Plan, it’s guidance documents and national changes to housing standards, looking at how they support housing design and delivery and how they can be applied.


The role of guidance and standards to raise quality

  • What is the link between housing design guidance and standards and key changes in practice in recent decades? – Elanor Warwick, Clarion Housing Group

Different perspectives – the London and wider picture

  • The London perspective – Elliot Kemp, GLA
  • GLA support available – Sarah Considine, GLA
  • The wider picture – Valerie Conway and Debbie Lloyd, David Lock Associates

Practical Challenges and Ways to Help

  • Overview of strands – Tatiana Telles Ferreira, Allies & Morrison
  • Practical challenges – Luke Dewey, Metropolitan Workshop

Speaker & Delegate Discussion

Past Event

Wed 28/04/21, 9.45am–1.30pm
Related Events: Housing

Looking at all aspects of the design of great homes and how they support thriving communities.


  • Esther Kurland, Urban Design London
  • David Ogunmuyiwa, Architecture Doing Place 
  • David Birkbeck, Design for Homes 
  • Kruti Patel, Metropolitan Workshop
  • David Dickerson, DK-Architects
  • Jamie Thompson, DK-Architects

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