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Past Event

Thu 18/03/21, Morning, 9.30–11.30am
Related Events: Planning

These are a type of development that can require particular design and planning skills. This session will discuss how to consider and manage tall building proposals.

  • Elliot Kemp, GLA
  • Tom Rumble, LB Enfield
  • Michael Ritchie, LB Tower Hamlets
  • Tom Mitchell, Metropolitan Workshop
  • Jane Wernick, Jane Wernick Associates
  • Ruth Shilston, RWDI
  • Fred Manson Associate Director at Heatherwick Studio
  • Amanda Reynolds, Director, AR Urbanism

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Past Event

Thu 18/03/21, 2–4.30pm
Related Events: Planning

Planning as a profession is rooted in the promotion of public health. In this session we take a look back at why health and planning are interlinked and our current policy approach; we investigate how today’s planners can help tackle current health issues by embedding health into planning SPD’s and the evidence needed for planners to promote public health, along with great case studies.

Speakers include:

  • Elain Harwood, Historic England
  • Dr Katie Hunter, GLA Health Team
  • Michael Chang, Public Health England
  • Howard Gray, Green Blue Urban
  • Nikita Sinclair, Southwark, School super-zones
  • Steve Featherstone, Llewelyn Davies
Past Event

Tue 16/03/21, 2–4pm
Related Events: Planning

Addressing the climate crisis and investigating how we can make the best use of resources and minimise impact on our environment. This session will look at the policy implications for authorities, the call to action and understand what is needed to develop and deliver Circular Economy Strategies.

Speakers include:

  • Katie Lyndsay, GLA
  • Sunand Prasad, Penoyre Prasad
  • Paul Quinn, Clarion Housing
  • Zeta Watkins, Hodkinson Consultancy
Past Event

Tue 02/03/21, 9.45am–1pm
Related Events: Planning

Looking at what quality and design mean in the London Plan and how these policies relate to proposed changes at the national level following the National Design Guide, National Design Code and White Paper.

Speakers include:

  • Andy von Bradsky, MHCLG
  • David Rudlin, URBED 
  • Mathieu Proctor, GLA 
  • Elliot Kemp, GLA
  • Leoni Oliva, Gerald Eve 
  • Paul Monaghan, AHMM 
  • Heather Cheesbrough, LB Croydon
Past Event

Wed 24/02/21, 4–5.30pm
Related Events: Planning

Children are an indicator species for cities: so says Enrique Penalosa, the transformative former mayor of Bogota. In his new book Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities (RIBA), leading advocate and independent scholar Tim Gill fleshes out this insight. 

Join Tim and a panel of high-profile experts to discuss why - and how - we should elevate the status of children, as we emerge from the pandemic and create more healthy, inclusive, sustainable cities.

Panel members include:

  • Dinah Bornat, ZCD Architects 
  • Matt Bell, Grosvenor
  • Jo McCafferty, Levitt Bernstein
  • Sripriya Sudhakar, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
  • Olly Wainwright, The Guardian 

Non-members please email to request a place. 

Past Event

Tue 19/01/21, 12.30–4.30pm
Related Events: Planning

An update on our learning from lockdown urban challenge project.  Hear about proposals to change the way we think about urban structure, living local, connectivity and buildings to improve long term sustainability, health and equality aims.  Find out about individual projects and ideas that could help to bring these changes to life and learn about how behaviours and attitudes to places has been changing this year.

Speakers include:

  • Eleanor Warwick, Clarion Housing Group 
  • Matt Yates, TfL
  • Finn  Williams, Public Practice
  • Selina Mason, Lendlease
  • Frances Hollis, London Metropolitan University
  • Ian Brooker, Jacobs
  • Chris Douglas, WSP
  • Clare Richards, ft’work
  • Max Farrell, LDN Collective
  • Jon Herbert, Troy Planning
  • Mike Saunders, CommonPlace

Past Event

Tue 12/01/21, Half Day, 9.30am–12pm
Related Events: Planning

We will consider how to use assessments to help us deal with the climate emergency and threat to biodiversity.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Pile, LDA Design
  • Seren Dussuyer, TfL
  • Catherine Jones, TfL
Past Event

Wed 18/11/20, 9.45am–1pm
Related Events: Planning

Small schemes with cumulative local impact will form a vital area of London’s growth going forwards. This session will consider how best to approach such projects, looking at policy, practice and borough approaches.

Speakers include:

  • Rosie Evered, Senior Project Officer - Small Sites Programme, Housing and Land, GLA
  • Russell Curtis, Founding Director, RCKa
  • Plan Making team, LB Croydon
  • Rachel Jones, Urban Designer and Robin Oliver, New Homes and Housing Delivery Lead, RBK
  • Stephen Taylor, Director, Stephen Taylor Architects

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Past Event

Wed 11/11/20, 9.30–11.30am
Related Events: Planning

Following last week’s publication of the Place Shaping Capacity Survey, Matt Ruddy will join us and present the key findings: how prepared local authorities are for implementing local plans, where skills are lacking and what impact Covid has had on which skills they need. The survey includes interesting data about number and types of projects reviewed, and shows an encouraging and up to date overall picture of Design Review in London. 

Past Event

Mon 12/10/20, 9.30am–1.20pm
Related Events: Planning Housing Streets

This is the first event in our 4-part Urban Challenge initiative through which we hope to highlight and support ideas to change the way we design, manage our built environment.

Our key-note speakers will set out the main urban challenges facing us as we emerge from the Covid era.

We will also hear about new research and evidence explaining how we used urban areas during lockdown and our attitudes to the buildings and places around us. 

Lastly, we will introduce our challenge groups – which will develop and test ideas over the course of this initiative.  There will be 4 groups looking at town centres, living local, buildings and city structures.


Philip Graham, GLA

Alex Williams, TfL

Joanna  Averley, MHCLG

Scene Setters

David Christie, TfL

Prof. Matthew Carmona, UCL

Ben Page, Ipsos MORI

Fanny Blanc, LSE

Prof. Ken Gibb, UK Collaborative Centre for Housing

Max Farrell, LDN Collective

If you are not a member and wish to attend please email us to reserve your place.

Past Event

Tue 29/09/20, Half day PM, 2–4.30pm
Related Events: Planning

An opportunity to discuss the implications of the White Paper: Planning for the Future for London

Speakers Include: 

  • Sarah Bevan, London First
  • Duncan Bowie, UCL
  • Neeru Kareer, LB Barnet
  • Ben Southwood, Policy Exchange 
  • Lisa Fairmaner, GLA 

Past Event

Tue 15/09/20, 9:30 - 12:00
Related Events: Planning

An important part of pro-active planning, as promoted in the recent Government Planning White Paper. We will consider how to create appraisals that have real impact and could help you with future zoning work. 

Speakers include:

• Fabrizio Matillana, LB Enfield

• Hugo Nowell, Director, Urban Initiative Studio
• Jane Manning, Director, Allies and Morrison
• Jon Herbert, Director, Troy Planning + Design
• Rachel Jones, LB Kingston

Past Event

Thu 11/06/20, 10am–1pm
Related Events: Planning

Two vital skills for planners, this popular session will cover the fundamentals of negotiation and how to get consistent benefits from viability assessments. A must for everyone in the built environment.


Simon Horton, Negotiation Mastery


Getting Your Win

Stepping Into Their Shoes

Dealing With Deadlock

Complex, Multi-Party, Dynamic Negotiations.

Past Event

Thu 21/05/20
Related Events: Planning

Discussing what planning in London should be aiming to achieve and how this chimes with national and/or local objectives.

Speakers Include:

o    Andy Higham, LB Enfield

o    Jonathan Wade , Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

o    Nick Calder, LB Wandsworth

o    Kathy MacEwen, UDL

o    Mathew White, Herbert Smith Freehills

Past Event

Thu 14/05/20, 10:00 - 11:00 + 14:00 - 16:15
Related Events: Planning

A fascinating look back into how our city has developed, while learning lessons for how we plan for the future.

Speakers Include:

  • Population history of London, urban mortality, including plague, and its social impact, Vanessa Harding, Birkbeck University
  • Layers of London: project information, plus the history of medieval and early modern London (1300-1700), Matthew Davies, Birkbeck University
  • How transport hubs developed and support London’s expansion,  Edmund Bird, TfL
Past Event

Tue 21/04/20, Half Day
Related Events: Planning

Considering ways to set out how many new homes will be needed in an area and how to help ensure these will be delivered.

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